Vibrating reed frequency meter

The image shown is of a vibrating reed type frequency meter. As the name suggests it has reeds which vibrates to indicate the input frequency. Each reed has its own natural frequency. When the input current is supplied every reed vibrates but the reed with natural frequency closest to the incoming frequency vibrates the most. … Continue reading Vibrating reed frequency meter


Hybrid Circuits Continued…

Also in hybrid circuits, the tracks are printed on the substrates unlike the conventional electronics where the tracked are printed by eatching the copper clad. Here the tracks are also used as the resistances. For getting a specific value of resistance the printing is done by a paste of specific resistivity As we know that … Continue reading Hybrid Circuits Continued…

Hybrid Circuits

Introduction Today is the era of getting more compact and compact. Every one wants every thing to fit pocket physically and financially. As necessity is the mother of invention so more and more efforts took place to reduce the size of the assembled product also effectively lowering the cost of production which ultimately lead to … Continue reading Hybrid Circuits